Hotel Los Frailes
Hotel Los Frailes


Places of interest

Yokdzonot Cenote

To access the Yokdzonot cenote you have to go down some wooden stairs that will take you to a small platform, from there you can prepare to make some small dives, swim or snorkel. Once there you can admire and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds the mouth of the cenote, full of rock formations; See the long roots of the trees that fall until they reach the water, and appreciate the crystal clear green water that lets you see the fish that live there. All this coupled with the peace and tranquility that is breathed in this magnificent place will make you spend an unforgettable moment.

Hotel Los Frailes
Hotel Los Frailes

The House of the Deer

It is a private mansion that prides itself on having the largest amount of Mexican folk art products in the same hands: more than 3,000 pieces add up its collection.
From the moment you set foot inside the house you will realize that it is not just any museum. Valuable pieces of folk art are not protected behind a glass or a showcase. By not having anything between each piece and yourself, you can appreciate in a much more natural way everything that surrounds you and recognize the trust that the owners put in your hands.

Convent of San Bernardino

It was built between 1552 and 1560 to evangelize the Maya and to defend themselves against any attack. Admire the decoration that includes pink walls, the semicircular arches with gothic-style ribs and the frescoes, recently recovered despite having been severely damaged along with the rest of the convent during the caste war. Stop in front of the small image of the Virgin that is one of the only parts of the convent that did not suffer major damage caused by the attacks. Discover one of the few baroque altarpieces that are preserved in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Hotel Los Frailes
Hotel Los Frailes

Lizards River

Río Lagartos is a beach located east of the Yucatan Peninsula that is characterized by all the diversity of fauna and flora that surrounds it, as well as all the landscapes and views it offers. Spend some time on the beach enjoying the sand and the sun. You can bring your own food and drinks and enjoy the freshness of the sea. You can also snorkel and see more closely the variety of fish that live there. If you like night activities, you can hire the tour to see the crocodiles at night and get to know them more closely.
If you are in Mérida, you must take the Motul – Tizimín road, and being there, the instructions are clear enough to get to Río Lagartos. It's about two and a half hours of travel.


Las Coloradas is a very cozy port for all the people who visit it, this is due to its small size and its warm atmosphere, which allows you to feel as if you were in your own home. Las Coloradas is located on the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, and has a locality of approximately 1,000 inhabitants. In addition to feeling at home, in Las Coloradas you will be able to observe the majority of the population that is dedicated to the salt industry and fishing; one of the activities with the highest priority in the place.

Hotel Los Frailes
Hotel Los Frailes

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza means "mouth of the well of the Itzaes", referring to the cenote located north of the pyramid and which was considered a sacred enclave, as well as a source of fresh water essential for that city of temples and wise astronomers.
This temple is the main building of the city of Chichen Itza. Its structure reveals the knowledge of the Maya about mathematics, astronomy, geometry and acoustics. Its perfect symmetry represents the Mayan calendar: 18 bodies (the number of months, 20 days each) and 365 steps (days of the year), five of which were considered nefarious.

Sian-Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is the largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean and occupies approximately 650,000 hectares along 120 kilometers from North to South, between the municipalities of Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto. It includes beaches, dunes, cenotes, coral reefs and a tropical jungle, where more than 300 species of birds and more than 1000 plants and 100 animals live. Sian ka’an means “where heaven is born” in Mayan and was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1987.

The reserve is divided into 3 zones for conservation:

Core zone: strictly protected.
Buffer zone: the area around the nucleus open to visitors and activities.
Transition zone: areas with greater degree of human intervention and passage.

Hotel Los Frailes